SEO Audit & Review, SEO auditor

You can have great search engine friendly content on your website and your blog but is that really enough? For starters yes, you can set up your website or your blog with relevant content that will give rise to potential and lead generating traffic However, how do you determine if all the resources and content is being useful to your business. Search engines now utilize a long list of factors apart from content to determine the rank of any website.  This is where SEO Audit & Review comes in the picture.

A SEO Audit from us includes an in depth study and analysis for your website. Every webpage is scanned and a detailed report of how every element is affecting your search on the web is analysed. This gives an insight on how to further improve your web presence and how the current factors can be modified to give better search results. Our team of SEO Auditors will go through every webpage and make sure that the following errors are fixed :

1) Incomplete tags of web pages
2) Detect and erase error pages
3) Eliminate pages with Duplicate Content

After these errors are fixed, the SEO Auditors will add titles ,meta descriptions and HTML tags to all the pages to make them more relevant to search engines. The relevant titles and descriptions will result in effective back links that will improve the organic search results. After an initial SEO Audit, you get an idea where you stand amongst your competition. Our Experts can give you solutions to improve your search results and ultimately your web presence. Once these are implemented, you can see a gradual rise in organic traffic, much improved conversions and a definite return on investment.

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