RFID Advantages

Radio-frequency identification based solutions deliver multiple advantages over the more traditional solutions, which combine to make RFID one of the most rapidly emerging domains across the world.

  • No Line of Sight or Physical Contact is required between the Tag and the Reader
  • RFID Tags are exceptionally durable and can withstand harsh conditions
  • RFID Tags can read through a variety of materials
  • Long Read Range leads to more accurate and wider capture
  • A large number of RFID tags can be read almost simultaneously
  • RFID Tags can be read at highly fast speeds
  • The bidirectional communication within an active RFID system finds value in interactive applications

RFID Applications

RFID based technologies are fast leading to impact applications across newer areas and industries. With precise, fast and automated tracking, visibility and identification systems enabled by such technologies, an entirely better way of conducting operations are steadily emerging across business areas. Some of the more established application areas are:

  • Inventory Management
  • Container / Pallet Tracking
  • ID Badges and Access Control
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Equipment/Personnel Tracking
  • Product Tracking through Manufacturing and Assembly