Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk Email Marketing is by far the most challenging marketing campaign.

Marketing has changed completely in the past decade. Gone are the days of a newspaper advert or depending solely on a radio jingle. Social Media has revamped the entire market of buyers and sellers. It has opened the global market to everyone, thus providing a larger market and has brought buyers and sellers closer. In an era of instant replies, hashtags and mentions, the old school E-mail Marketing still stands proud. This so called old school mode of connecting with potential customers is still effective. The return on Investment on E-mail Marketing is about 30% and considering the current competitive market, 30% is a large margin. Besides it also results in increase in ROIs and referrals.

The most important thing while deciding the E-mail marketing Strategy is that this email needs to reach the right person at the right time. Other important factor to be noted is that the E-mail should not be dispensed as spam. The email must be structured in such a way that it grabs interest of the recipient the minute lands in the inbox.  Bulk Email Marketing is by far the most challenging marketing campaign. The biggest risk here can be either to land in the Spam box or be dispensed as a nuisance by the recipient. The only way to make this campaign successful is to engage the end recipient. Our experts can create and entire strategy for email marketing by focusing on the details like the subject line of the email, the content to be entered in the email and how to ensure that you will get a definite reply to such an email. The key lies in balancing between marketing you brand without losing the personal touch of an email.

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